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What is the safe country to travel in 2019? Vietnam or not. Recommendation & Advices from a local.

Reviewing all the articles and share about the useful information tips when traveling to Vietnam can make you a bit doom. Basing on the, UNESCO natural heritage sites worth it, good people but scammer targeting tourists are also popular. You should heard about the aggressive sales behaviors, bag snatchers, massage scammers,… so, whether to choice Vietnam is safety to travel in 2019 and sharing the safety tips to visit Vietnam.

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Go to Vietnam on 2019 is safety, right?

There are many people ask me “ Go to Vietnam on 2019 is safety, right?”. When the country was listed in the safest destinations in the world base on the most updated report of the Travel Risk Maps. My answer is Yup, a huge YUP! However, the country is still in the third world class, we couldn’t hope everything nice. It looks like in your home country, everything are not good as bright as we expect. I have a mission is giving you safety tips when traveling to Vietnam and enjoy many good things on this beautiful country. Almost the advices are very general and can apply not only to Vietnam but any country you come to travel. Terrorism in Vietnam is almost non-existent is the good news.

Keeping your valuables in locked suitcase in the airport.

Your valuable belongings should be in your backpack or handbags at any time. Just leave somethings that you are willing to lose. Both locals and travelers can lose also. The luggage handlers in Vietnam airport often steal property from the passengers.

You can not use the personal safety rule for Vietnam only, even for any country all over the world and on any transportation. Especially, the personal documents such as passport that should be keep safety in the hotel and you should spend for the passport one private safety space to keep it.

Something do not leave at your hotel

Some of hotels are not safety like you think, you should be careful with them. Actually, the service quite well but the staff to clean the room can door break-ins. However, do not worry about too much, you should lock the suitcase and put many valuables in it then put the suitcase in a wardrobe to avoid the loss.

Don’t bring your bag with slim straps or open pocket

Leaving all of thin straps bag at hotel and just bring the bag the strong strap then wrap it around your chest. Besides, be careful with your pocket, you should put valuables such as wallet, mobile phone on the ahead pocket.

Do not drunk if you don’t want to lose track of everything around you

Enjoying a night with many people like travelers, locals by the local beers in the backpacker areas Bui Vien street absolutely fun. But you should take precautions and do not drink too much to avoid the pick-pocket.

Don’t take Xe Om Motorbike drivers

Almost the Xe Om motorbike drivers in Vietnam often high charge if you are a foreigner. Besides, you are not understand too much about them, they can cheat you. However, you are so lucky because Vietnam has a Grab now. Grab is working like Uber both car and motorbike that you can trust them. Therefore, there are many kind of Xe Om but stay away from them if you do not get a trouble.

Almost visitors who traveled to Vietnam give a recommendation for you to join in a motorbike tour in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh city, they are not wrong. The drivers was trained by travel company so you can trust them, all of them are good English, talking with them are funny. Trying motorbike tour for a night is a good recommendation that’s you have to try.

Motorbike tour for visitors.

Don’t give money for the beggars

Da Nang city is very fresh, nice and clean. It’s not like Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi, there are many lottery ticket sellers, beggars on over the street. If you don’t want to get trouble with them. You should say “Khong! Cam On!, it means “No! Thanks!” then go way far from them before they can pull your shirt or nudge you. Should not give money for them or sharing too much sympathy with them.

Actually, doing like I said is not good because they are old, disabled and harmless. However, you can help them by join in charity or visit some of orphans in Vietnam.

Go far away the city as you can to see more of the local activity, it so interesting. Trying to make a local friends if you can speak English, that’s your advantage because young people in Vietnam want to make a friend with foreigners to train their English. I wish you have a good trip to Vietnam with the wonderful experience.