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The Way To Take a Motorbike Taxi (Xe Om) in Vietnam

During the taxis are very cheap in Vietnam, they will subtract quickly if you base on them too often – especially for solo visitors . If you desire to go around like citizens, you should learn to ride a motorbike (xe ôm). There are some helpful things and tricks help you safely and saving budget.

“Xe om” what is it mean?

It means motorbike hug in English but almost foreigner calls “motorbike taxi.” This is a cheapest transportation on Vietnam’s crowded streets many years ago, most of drivers have been sitting in the exact location for decades. Sometimes the sign of them that says “xe ôm” hanging off their bike, sometimes they do not, you should know who they are, they will call out to you: “My friend! Xe ôm?”

Xe ôm drivers have the good communication and good connecting with the hotels, tourist destinations or restaurants. Normally, the owners of travel service like hotels, restaurants will contact with “Xe Om” to introduce their service. However, they also scam the foreigner by taking visitors around the city that’s not a clear location and then asking more money when arrival. Not all drivers are bad, but the cheat ones tend to hang around touristy areas. Here are some ways and suggestion to help you avoid the trouble.

Approve of a price

Don’t forget how far is the most important rule. You should approve of a price before you have a seat on a Xe Om. Normally, the fare is 10,000–15,000 VND ($0.50–0.70 USD) per km, so you should know how far you’re going. Most of the visitors and can’t speak Vietnamese, they will give a price that’s at least double or triple than a local pay. Expecting to pay more – many call it the Foreigner Tax. You should save money in everywhere not only in Vietnam if you are master the art of bartering. As for newbies, some tricks are always ready to walk away. After that, you should find out quickly what their time is actually worth.

Assuring they know where will they go

A lot of drivers will not truth and always say they know clearly your hotel/restaurant/destination. In fact they only have a vague idea at best. The driver will ask other drivers as soon as you’re on the road. Motorbike taxi drivers always said they make sure know their area, they will lie and try to estimate it out en route if they don’t clear where to go. Someone will try to ask you more because they got lost. Always take a map and using in case. Always assure they agree on a price before having a seat on their bike.

Motorbike taxi driver is waiting for a fare in a street.

Trying Grab

Downloading and using apps to call the xe ôm business in Vietnam. In a modern day, almost Xe Om drivers using an apps to approach their customers easier, they don’t need to wait for a long time to approach their customers. If you have a tend to stay in Vietnam for a few days, we highly suggest you download and try this app. The will get many benefits on it: You can report your driver if they make you uncomfortable; the price will appear before your trip; basing on their map, they pick you up wherever you are. The app always gives them the best route to take. Most of locals use this app because of convenience and so should you.

The most importance, must not use a xe ôm at night

Believing us, we understand the happen on a nighttime motorbike ride is in Vietnam – the fresh air, the silent streets – but that’s also when the craziest drivers come out to work with many cheats. We will not mention more about the horrible details, but you should remember that some drivers have taken advantage of passengers late at night. Taxis are also, but they still a bit safer. The best way is using an app to book a good fare with safety trip.