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Street food night tour by Vespa in Sai Gon

Street food in a nightour

After the sun down, seat on a Vespa and dive into Saigon’s excitement city. Approaching deep into the city streets, seeking out the serving authentic Vietnamese dishes. Seeing the locals while dining and drinking then rousing the night at a lively bar, pub nightclub.

Detail route

The tour will start at 18:00. Joining in Vietnam’s nightlife and culture of the most excited city by Vespa tour. To make the most of the classic motorbike and fasten the helmet then through the city’s buzzing streets. Feeling the city behind the sun down and offices close down on the noise town.

The first destination on the evening is the roof top bar where you can see all the views of the streets below during have some snacks or Mojito and refreshments.

Rooftop bar

Warming-up the evening visiting some of series of local restaurants and street stalls. The authentic dishes of Vietnam will be explained and each of the items on offer then add a selection of sweet and savory by the food-loving host. On the tour, trying to have some of spices of locals like satays to more exotic, yet highly famous treats. Cheering the glass on the night out with local diners.

After that, relaxed and enjoy the quiet space at a hidden café, where you can feel a folk musical performance which will transport you back in time. Taking the most of performance with a drink or ice cream before being back to your hotel.